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NCSR / Colposcopy update

You may have noticed that we have recently updated the colposcopy module in SurgicalPerformance to be consistent with the NCSR reporting requirements.


· Indication for Referral

o Is now a multi-value field

o Three new options for HPV

· Indication for Referral - other - New field

· Colposcopy Adequacy - New field

· NCSR Form - Updated mapping for Primary indications checkboxes

Insight to NSCR form export rules:

1. If any of the HPV and/or CYTOLOGY (first 8 Insight fields) are selected, this results in NCSR form field “New patient with abnormal cervical screening test” ticked, EXCEPT when only the HPV negative is selected from the first 8 Insight fields.

2. If “New patient with abnormal cervical screening test” results, then no other NCSR form fields are ticked, regardless of any of the bottom 5 Insight fields being selected.

3. If “New patient with abnormal cervical screening test” does not result, then the first selected of the bottom 5 Insight fields results in the corresponding NCSR form field being ticked.

4. If only Insight Other is selected, then the corresponding NCSR form field is ticked and the associated text copied to the NCSR form.

5. The NCSR form field “Not performed” has no Insight equivalent.

Estimated Due Date and Date of Delivery calculation

It was brought to our attention that a calculation was not correct between these two fields. If the EDD and Date of Delivery were entered as the same date it was showing 40weeks + 1. This has now been fixed. If the EDD and Date of delivery are the same it will equal 40weeks exactly.

Colposcopy Double record when generating NCSR

Some users reported that when generating the NCSR report their colposcopy record would duplicate. We located a bug, and this has now been fixed.

Hysterectomy Risk Calculation stopped working

A user notified us that the Hysterectomy Risk Calculation had stopped working. This field is located at the very bottom of a hysterectomy record and is meant to be automated. We have fixed this, and all past records have also been corrected.

Changed wording in Hysteroscopy.

Follow up at 12 months said "repeat endometrial ablation", this has been altered to “endometrial ablation"

Incorrect Spelling

The spelling of one of the pre-existing co-morbidities has been corrected. “Metastatic" cancer.

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