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How to get the most out of PROMS
How to get the most out of PROMS

Tips to using PROMS module

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Check out this tutorial video to see how to integrate PROMS easily with INSIGHTS

Tips to get the most out of your PROMS surveys and maximise patient compliance:

  1.  When you discuss the survey with patients and gain consent, remind them to expect an SMS with the survey link at 7 days, 30 days & 180 days after surgery. We recommend contacting patients closer to the later surveys in order to remind them to expect these messages. 

   2.  Explain what Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROM) Surveys are and how          the results of these surveys will benefit both the patient and the doctor.

   3. When submitting PROMS records via SurgicalPerformance, requests surveys for 7         days, 30 days & 180 days post-surgery for a more comprehensive overview of               patient outcomes.

   4. Customise the email alerts you receive for patients results in your 'Settings' page         so you never miss important results.

5. Use PROMS in conjunction with INSIGHTS to easily compare surgical data with            patient reported outcomes.

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