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Entering an INSIGHTS record + PROMS
Entering an INSIGHTS record + PROMS

How to add a PROMS request to a standard record in SurgicalPerformance

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For further information on INSIGHTS & entering INSIGHTS records see the 'SurgicalPerformance User Guide' at 

1. Create INSIGHTS record. This can be done in a few different ways

          a. Click 'Add Record' on the left-hand side of the screen & then select the relevant module 

         b. Alternatively, you can click on the module you wish to create a new record in & click the '+' in the upper right-hand corner. Both of these options will show you the same data input page. 

       c. Begin entering your case data. All the fields in red are mandatory fields in order to generate a completed record. However, to enter the record & submit the PROMS survey only a few fields are required, these are; patient identifier, location, date of surgery, date of birth, patient first name & patient contact number. Once these are entered you can save the record as a draft, by clicking the 'Save Draft' button at the bottom of the page. The PROMS surveys will be sent & you can return and edit/add more data whenever you want.

Tips for entering Data: 

Patient Identifier - Do not use patient names, use de-identified data to protect                                              patient details
Date of Surgery - The first survey is sent 7 days after the procedure date;                                                     therefore the PROMS record must be submitted before this                                              date
Survey Request - The first survey, sent 7 days after procedure date, is                                                           automatically scheduled once a PROMS record is entered.                                               There is an option to only send this survey or to send                                                         subsequent surveys at 30 days & 6 months for more                                                         comprehensive results and insights into patient outcomes.
Patient Details - We do require a patient name and contact number in order to                                          send and personalise the surveys. However, once this data is                                           entered it is stored in a separate system and cannot be                                                     viewed or exported by anyone

      d. After you have entered the necessary data, click 'Save Record' if you have completed all the mandatory fields, or 'Save Draft' if you do not have all the mandatory fields filled out yet. Either way the PROMS Survey is recorded & will be send to the patient 7 days after their procedure date. 

2. Survey Schedule

     a. To check that a PROMS survey is scheduled or to quickly check the progress of a patients survey you can view the patients record by clicking on the relevant module. A PROMS survey schedule is indicated by 3 grey dots in the PROMS column on the page. 

    b. You can also view/edit the record by clicking the three vertical dots on the right-hand side of the record. In Section 2 'PROMS Survey' you will see the dates of the surveys scheduled as well as any results that have been collected. 

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