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Entering a PROMS record
Entering a PROMS record

How to enter a stand alone PROMS record

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1. Entering a PROMS record 

            a. To add a PROMS record click 'add record' from the menu on the left hand                      side of the screen and then select 'PROMS' 

          b. Enter the case details & click 'schedule survey'.

NOTE: For the PROMS survey to be accurate all sections are required to be competed 

2. Entering Data 

            a. Patient Identifier - Do not use patient names, use de identified data to                                                           protect patient details
            b. Date of surgery -  The first survey is sent 7 days after the procedure date;                                                     therefore the PROMS record must be submitted before                                                     this date.
            c. Survey Request -  The first survey, sent 7 days after procedure date, is                                                           automatically schedules once a PROMS record is                                                               entered. There is an option to only send this survey or to                                                   send subsequent surveys at 30 days and 6 months for                                                       more comprehensive results and insights into patient                                                         outcomes.
           d. Patient Details -    We do require a patient name and contact number in                                                        order to send & personalise the surveys. However, once                                                    this data is entered it is stored in a separate system and                                                    cannot be viewed or exported. 

3. Survey Schedule

     a. To check that a PROMS survey is scheduled or to quickly check the progress of a patients survey you can view the patients record by clicking on the relevant module. A PROMS survey schedule is indicated by 3 grey dots in the PROMS column on the page. 

    b. You can also view/edit the record by clicking the three vertical dots on the right-hand side of the record. In Section 2 'PROMS Survey' you will see the dates of the surveys scheduled as well as any results that have been collected. 

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