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Joining PROMS

How to Join PROMS or add PROMS to your account

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1. Joining PROMS

                 a. Go to

                 b. Click ‘Free Trial’ in the top right-hand corner 

                 c. Complete the details in the form provided. Ensure you complete the                               mandatory fields, however, note that some are optional. When finished                          click ‘Create Account’.

2. Free Trial

            a. The free trial gives you access to all of SurgicalPerformance's INSIGHTS &                      PROMS features for 10 cases across any of our modules with no expiry                           period.
NOTE: During this trial you will not be required to provide any payment details. 

3. Premium SurgicalPerformance 

           a. After 10 cases you will be prompted to upgrade to the premium version of                     SurgicalPerformance to continue to enjoy all the features with no restrictions.
           b. Simply select the subscription package you would like & enter your                                 payment details. Select INSIGHTS + PROMS for unlimited access to all                           SurgicalPerformance features as previewed during the trial.

4. Editing your profile 

          a. Click your username in the top right hand corner of the screen & click on                       settings. 

          b. Now you will be able to click through the tabs and edit any details. You can                   also change your account password in this section.
          c. In the 'Subscription' tab you can upgrade or change your subscription                            package at any time.
          d. In the 'Profile' tab there is a PROMS section where you can modify the name                 that the patients see as the sender of the SMS survey. In this section you can                also change the survey results that are emailed to you. 

5. Adding PROMS to your existing SurgicalPerformance account

            a.  If you already have a SurgicalPerformance INSIGHTS account and wish to                     add PROMS to your subscription in order to comprehensively capture                             Patient Reported Outcomes you can easily upgrade your subscription at                         any time in the 'Settings' of your SurgicalPerformance account.
           b.  In the 'Settings' page, select the 'Subscriptions' tab. Here you can alter your                  subscription at any time to any of the available packages.

For more information of these packages & inclusion visit

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