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Searching and filtering records
Searching and filtering records

How to search by date and text and filter records

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Firstly click on the module/records you would like to look at, e.g. Colposcopy or Gynaecology. Then at the very top of the records is a search and filter bar. You can filter by record "status" (i.e. completed, draft, incomplete or hidden) or by location.

If this has not narrowed down your results enough you can try searching for the specific record you wish to see. 

Searching by Text

When typing text in the search bar you will see records that match 

  • Main procedure name (OR)

  • Location name (OR)

  • Patient identifier (OR)

  • Outcome (OR)

  • BMI

Searching by Date

When searching for a date specifically - date of birth OR date of procedure you will need to be specific. 

You must provide a full date, partial matching does NOT work. For example 1st June 1988 will work, but June will not

Also the format in which you search can make a difference. Here are some supported formats:

  • 30-02-1979

  • 11/25/1993 (NOTE: slashes mean U.S. format)

  • 1st Apr 1967

  • 1 Apr 1967

  • August 22nd 1967

  • 1972-06-15

Here are some formats that DO NOT WORK

  • 1950 Jan 5

  • 1993 (partial dates are unsupported)

  • June (partial dates are unsupported)

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