We suggest you enter a case as a “hysterectomy” (as this is the main procedure), and then go on and enter a second "sub-record" as a pelvic floor repair.

Once you have entered your details for Hysterectomy, you can either click the little plus button next to save and add the sub-record from there, or you can click on the 3 blue dots at the end of the row of the appropriate record. See attached images. 

Option 1. 

Option 2. 

From there, a new record will open - you will notice that most of step 1 is blocked out. This is because all of the patient details should remain the same. Select your next main procedure for the sub-record - eg. pelvic floor repair and complete.

Note that within the field "surgical technique" there is an extensive list of additional small procedures associated with pelvic floor repair. You can select as many as you need. See attached image. 

If you need any further assistance with this, please contact us via intercom (blue speech bubble at the bottom of the screen). 

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