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Multiple Procedures Release Notes

Surgical Performance now supports adding multiple related procedures.

Written by Alex
Updated over a week ago

Sub-records for gynaecological procedures are now available in the new version of Surgical Performance. When entering a new record, you have the option of saving and adding a related record.  This new record will inherit the patient information from the original record helping you save time. 

To add a sub-record, ensure that the first gynaecology procedure form is filled in, and click the '+' icon next to the Save Record button. 

The patient information will then be inherited by the sub-record, preventing you from having to enter this information multiple times.

If you have multiple sub-records, you can continue to create sub-records by clicking the '+' button upon completion. 

These related records will show as a group on the Gynaecology records table. 

You can also add sub-records directly from the records table using the actions column.

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