Introducing version 3 of SurgicalPerformance. Two years in  the making, we looked at every aspect of the system, considered your inputs and have created a brand new experience that makes it easier and faster to enter data and gain insights on your SurgicalPerformance.

Aside from numerous small improvements across the entire experience, the key new areas in the update are:

  • Brand new interface

  • Smartphone and tablet data entry (responsive design)

  • Easier data entry

  • New Dashboard

  • Improved subscriptions

  • Simple institution and membership experience

  • New support and feedback options

  • Streamlined Trainee plans

Brand new interface

The site has a fresh new look and feel with streamlined data entry and record viewing.

Smartphone and tablet data entry

Enter and view data on the go. The site is fully responsive and the dashboard and records screens all work perfectly on all modern devices whether you are on a tablet, smartphone or desktop.

The application on smartphones, including new data entry functionality and dashboard updates are designed to give a complete experience no matter what device you use.

The new phone and tablet data entry is available to all Premium subscribers. Lite users can still enjoy the new version on Desktop.

App: Add SurgicalPerformance to your home screen

To save yourself from opening the browser first and then logging into SurgicalPerformance, you can easily add SurgicalPerformance to your home screen on your device. This means you will have a button on your screen and clicking that button, will open the application, similar to an app that is off-line. 



  1. Open Safari

  2. Go to

  3. Tap the Share button at the bottom of the page

  4. In the bottom row of icons, scroll over until you can tap Add to Home Screen

  5. Press the Add button 


  1. Open Chrome

  2. Go to

  3. Tap the Menu button at the bottom of the page

  4. Tap Add to home screen

  5. Press the Add button 

Easier data entry

We have refined and polished all aspects of the data entry process. There are many improvements you will see immediately.

Real-time validation: We now validate data as you enter it, rather than waiting to save. This makes entry faster and gives instant feedback

New tag fields: The massive checkbox groups have been streamlined into tag fields. These make it easy to enter data, allowing you to click and choose from the dropdown, or type values with autocomplete and full keyboard access to enter multiple values rapidly.

Other” options in checkboxes: In V2, some checkboxes showed an additional field to enter text when you chose “Other”. With the new tag fields for checkboxes, we have moved the place to enter this information to the Notes field. If the “other” option is needed frequently, please let us know.

Multiple procedures: You can enter multiple procedures under the one record, adding general and specific outcomes plus patient information once and having all data available in one view. Each procedure still counts as a record and you can still see both procedures in their appropriate record screens and reporting. Coming soon.

New Dashboard

Better insights, faster. The new dashboard has been re-imagined to give more data and more insights at a glance on one screen, without losing anything available in the old system.

Complications, PRA points: We show complications and PRA data at a glance, clicking on them will expand to show in-depth charts

Record and procedure breakdown: Rather that a massive panel of charts, we have a streamlined bar chart that shows the records per module. You can hover for the specific values. The Records line chart has also been improved. Soon you will be able to filter the dashboard by module to see their main procedures.

Improved subscriptions

We are now using Stripe to manage subscriptions and payments, so you can pay with a credit card directly on the site - without a need to create a an account somewhere else. Also you can choose between monthly and annual payments.

Some users will need update their subscriptions to the new system when they next renew. We will be in contact in the next couple of weeks to help with this process.

Simple institution and membership management

If your hospital/institution/organisation is a group that you are a member of has an institution plan, we now apply those privileges automatically.

New support and feedback options

We now have support with live chat built into the bottom right hand corner of every screen. Any issues, you can report them and get help directly within the system.

Streamlined Trainee plans

We now have a separate Trainee location that can be used to keep those records separate from the other SurgicalPerformance locations. It also means that if you are a trainee and go into private practice, you can just start recording data under that hospital on the same account and your trainee data will be reported separately.

Looking for the data export?

It is now under Settings.

To get a great experience on phones and tablets as well as desktop, SurgicalPerformance VER3 requires a modern browser. For the vast majority of our users (90%+), you won't need to make any changes, but there are some older browsers which are not recommended to be used with VER3.

We recommend the latest Google Chrome, Firefox or Microsoft Edge

These browsers are all evergreen, meaning they stay updated to the latest versions and all have great speed and security.

Internet Explorer 11 is not recommended

Internet Explorer (IE) 11 launched 5 years ago and Microsoft replaced it with the more modern Edge Browser.

Internet Explorer is very slow,  for example, loading the add entry page takes 10 to 15 seconds in Internet Explorer 11, but in a modern browsers like Chrome the same page loads almost instantly. Also, there are many features like the date fields that don’t work as well in Internet Explorer. 

Safari is not recommended

Safari does not update unless you update OSX, so you are likely running an old version. In addition there are a number of long-standing bugs, which Apple is still to fix and unsupported features on desktop Safari that create a less user-friendly experience.

Unsupported Browsers

The following versions are outdated and no longer supported by manufacturers and are not supported in SurgicalPerformance.

Internet Explorer: Earlier than version 11

Edge: Older than version 16

Firefox: Older than version 52

Opera: Older than version 44

Safari: Older than version 11

Chrome: Older than 57

New date fields

In SurgicalPerformance, there are numerous DATE fields. To make DATE fields appealing to our users globally we are now using HTML5 DATE fields, which automatically recognise the date format on your computer and let you:

  • Type in dates

  • Choose day month year from dropdowns

  • Use a date picker

It's up to you!

Adding today’s date 

You can still easily put in today’s date. You just need to just click the arrow on the right of the date field and in the pop-up date picker, press the circle button.

Unsupported browsers 

On Safari and Internet Explorer 11 we show a fallback version of a date picker and dates are shown as YYYY-MM-DD.

NSCR Export Improvements

The NCSR export is now built into the records screen, you just press the three dots on the right of any Colposcopy record and choose the NCSR Export option. You will get a window where you can complete the export fields.

On saving we will generate the PDF and automatically download it for you. On most web browsers it will download it straight away.

Getting the update

The new version is available to all users now. Please use the support chat to let us know of any issues you come across and we hope you enjoy it the new version of SurgicalPerformance.

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